Farmhouse at Banyan 86

With a conscious approach, the site is dealt in a way that there is a minimum implantation surface proposed and the open space is substantially larger than the built form. The house is designed as a single-storeyed structure with a stacked floor at the Southern end taking advantage of site contours. It is an envelope created with balanced transparency and opacity to devise a composition to stand out. These volumes are arranged in such a way that all the spaces have a direct view of the picturesque landscape in the southeast. Entry to the block is situated thoughtfully to experience a distinct transition. This double-height living space opens into verandah and integrates the outdoors. It has a distinct form reflected in the roof design. The roof assembly in levels; avoid the south glare with plenty of diffused light. Common spaces are seamlessly connected to the outdoors withthe seat-outs on the hexagonal decks.

Project Drawings

Project Gallery

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