Energy Art Center

The brief was to create a solar park with solar roof to create sustainability awareness in public.
The design is a fusion of the Indian traditional step-well and modern plazas structured out of the five elements as a tribute to natural energy. The sky seen at the entrance takes you down to a lower level, representing the transition towards the earth. The static water body, windmills, and fire installations are representations of nature and its elements.
The exhibition campus is a multi-functional area consisting of food counters, display units, and a workshop space that can host various talks, workshops, and lectures regarding energy art and sustainability.
The material palette used for the project is very minimalism to represent the purity of the project while putting the focus on the art installations.
The lower portion used as a gathering and display area is made of natural stone and exposed concrete, whereas glass has been used in the viewing deck and bridge.
Every element incorporated in the project creates a statement for renewable energy.
The installations that are exhibited in the space like Windmills, Solar panels, etc., contribute towards the production of the energy that is consumed by the center.
The pivoted supports for the installations also rotate and generate energy, while creating an interactive element within the space.
Various innovative construction techniques have been incorporated in the design as well. Kinetic floor tiles are used for the flooring of the platforms. They generate energy with every step taken on them, imparting the sense that the users can contribute towards the sustainability of the project.
Similarly, the Ramps produce music along with energy when used. This technique not only helps in making the project more self-sufficient, but also helps in making the space more attractive and engaging.
The interactive center will create awareness among the public for sustainability and sustainable products. To educate the mass for sustainability and creating a platform for them is the need of the hour.

Project Drawings

Project Gallery

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