Sky Abode

Sky Abode ( An apartment at Lodha Bellmonde)

The brief watch to create home away from home for a different Lifestyle which blends urban character to its natural surroundings, with relaxed chillout approach towards the time where you don’t stress about anything. It is also getting away from urban rush to mellowness. The design response to the brief by creating multi use spaces with small niches to bring the warmth in an open planning layout. The layers of spaces in an open layout makes it more personal. This has a custom-made multi-use furniture’s element, which can be used in various ways without changing or moving the elements itself. The balanced combination of natural and earthy materials are placed within a white colored open space create a different aesthetics.
As you enter in the unit, a small wooden cupboard with traditional weaving pattern Chester welcomes you with warmth. It leads to the area with an open plan where living dining study is arranged in an informal way. The space overlooks the lush green Golf Course. The opening is enhanced to get outdoor space borrowed as an immediate landscape. The furniture arrangement next to the opening, is such that furniture items can be replaced by bean bags or other chairs. The sitting arrangements can be responsive to the weather time and mood.
The barrier free living dining study is arranged in a way that it creates its own identity. The living area has a long diwan and a set of chairs arranged along the wall. The long Diwan can be used as sofa, extra Bed or siesta place as and when required. The living area has a TV unit with library in it. The informal setting with chairs, bean bags, lounge chairs create various levels of sitting which makes it more comfortable. The study area is cornered and divided by glass. It is visually connected to the main place. It has a sofa and a small writing table with which same place can be used as guest area and game room with a blank wall for the projection. The dining area is designed with a fixed sitting and loose chairs. The fixed sitting is designed to act like a leisure sofa. This corner space can be used as a thinking pod. The multi-use warm dining area is personalized with dramatic lighting fixture, making it more elegant. Kid’s bedroom is designed as a platform for activities and sleeping. The Deck like platform create it more informal and visually large volume. The master bedroom is organized in a way to have connected to outer emotional energy. A simple arrangement with a bed and a lounge chair with indoor plants make it more beautiful. The color scheme with base colour of white enhances the natural light. A couple of areas highlighted with pastel colour to make it more interesting. The track lights are used to highlight elements with artificial light to change the ambience. The owners on paintings and her arts collection along with plantation showcase her love for Arts and nature. All loose furniture provide complete flexibility for any further re- arrangements. The great feeling of volume is achieved through the flexibility of space with barrier free living dining and study areas.

Project Gallery

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