Tribe Stays, Viman Nagar


A very contemporary and enthusiastic design with minimal interiors while accommodating the students in a luxurious setting. Balancing out their private and social life is what we have achieved through this design.

The reconfiguration of all the floors to accommodate in-suit bathrooms, breakout area, and all the facilities for collective living. All the functionalities in the form of lighting, storage areas, circulation, and ventilation have been incorporated in the design in such a way that it is aesthetical and at the same time meets the comfort needs and aspirations of the users. 

The lobby is designed as balanced aesthetics combining formal and casual elements. Ceiling patterns, colours, flooring, and textures define the activities on the ground. The youthful nature of the project has been rejected in the furniture of cafeteria.


The major challenge was to create a youthful housing unit in building which was not in use for almost a decade.

The design focuses on sustainability which can be seen in adaptive reuse of the existing building by retaining the character of the building with textured concrete, circular columns, and courtyards on the front and rear sides of the building. The reuse of this old structure into a youthful and futuristic hostel building is in itself a sustainable move.

Solar panels are being incorporated in the design which in result will cater for about 60% electricity needs.

The maximum natural light and natural ventilation is provided throughout the building by modifying the opening sizes. Small elements like waste collection, usage of organic products shall enhance the eco-friendly lifestyle. 

We followed “living itself as an education” as our theme. We created hierarchy of interactive spaces along with the accommodation where students can hang out.


The use of technology enhances sustainability as RFID wrist bands are used as door keys and for transactions. Sensors control the usage of electricity. The use of technology for locks, cafeteria coupons, etc. Offer students for a more systematic functional lifestyle.


The responsibility for the project was to make the building lively by creating and innovating spaces for students which was not been in use for almost a decade. Our main focus was to interpret the user needs and create a design response that will ensure a comfortable, energetic, and healthy lifestyle for youngsters, whilst also seeking to promote a sustainable and diverse community. Youth housing and independent student hostels are relatively new terms in India. Providing them with a modern lifestyle that would be technology-oriented was the responsibility of the project. 

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