Interpretation Center

The interpretation center is new-style museum, located in connection to cultural and natural site of Igatpuri. The key focus in this project, a linkage is established between architecture and nature as well as architecture and culture in a simple and plain way. The form is an abstract shell shape where circular form comprises main spaces like admin, exhibition, observatory, etc. where as the extended part is colonnadewalkway with open restaurant above. The circular mass comprises of different levels with a different function stating the hierarchy of the structure.

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Youth Hostel at Vimannagar ‘Tribe Stays’

The hostel sits within the prime location of Pune city near Vimannagar. The building has an irregular footprint and all facades free; leading to proper sunlight and ventilation. The building previously used as a commercial office, challenge is to convert it into residential hospitality building. The brief specified us to create compact yet lavish spatial arrangement by providing basic amenities like open gym, dinning area, waiting lobby space, entertainment zones, etc. The hostel’s common amenities are all located on one level, this area offers the hostels’ residents the possibility to “live together.”

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Radcliffe School At Chowisawadi

The Radcliffe School is nestled within the city limits of Pune at Chowiswadi. A compact layout in “C” form accompanied by volume that makes up the main courtyard, and the two-building connected by covered walkway. This arrangement of courtyard design allows the building to breathe fresh air and daylight while providing a safe and secure environment for leaning and social engagement.Terraces are created at different levels to cut down the built mass and break the monotony of the structure. The built mass is cladded by brick through thick and thin planes all around to create a subtle rhythm and harmony to the exterior.The climate is taken in consideration while placing the planes and fins.

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Highschool at Laxminagar

The school is nestled in the prime area of Laxminagar with a plot area of 27900sqm.As the site context has low rise structure the school stands out as a monumental entity, giving more ground space for outdoor activities. The building is contextual in terms of its orientation and materiality. The building’s key feature is the design which takes the children’s psychology in consideration with adequate cross ventilation and cut down the harsh western sun by box windows and the single loaded corridor receive the north light. The design is minimalistic yet bold with playful colored concrete faces as the prima facie material.

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Highschool at Hadapsar

The school is nestled in the prime area of Hadapsar with a plot area of 13000sqm. The brief called us to design the school in modular form as the construction is going to be done in phases. The building is contextual in terms of its orientation and materiality. A basic module of four classroom and service core is designed and arranged in a way to create a central courtyard which acts as space for outdoor activities. So, each block has its own identity with respect to the whole. A subtle color palette is used with a bold color on the window sill, staircase and entrance porch create a balanced playful form.The building is climate sensitive, uses minimal energy load by responding positively to sun and wind directions.

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Public Libaray at Ambegaon

Sitting in the landscape as an impassive built piece, peacefully positioned at the end of the plot, the library nests within the city limit of Pune at Ambegaon. Seeking a peaceful oasis from the busy street of Dattanagar the structure is built at the edge of the plot creating a journey through the green patches leading to the library.Building massing is oriented to obtain optimal views for library visitors and the site is oriented to filter rainwater through thoughtfully-placed bioswales filled with native plantings. It has a clock tower that reflects a traditional town hall library element.

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Boys Hostel at Shivaji University

The boy’s hostels are part of the large campus of the Shivaji University, located in Kolhapur. The project is located in a context with existing structure so the space planning of the new one’s is done accordingly. The new structures created courtyard like enclosed multi activity spaces between new and existing structures. Hierarchy of spaces are created around and within the block to create social interaction and enhance the campus life for the students. Central access creates interaction between the blocks vertically as well as horizontally. Internal courts act as private activity spaces. Services are designed at the end of corridor for easy maintenance strategy.

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Church at Mohommadwadi

The prayer hall, with its pragmatic layout, caters to the general functions of the space, while achieving a simple and elegant finish. The structure is an interesting play of volumes placed into existing contours making it a very functional planning. The design presents architectural features taken from early Christian temple prototypes such as the bell tower, the frontal altar, the baptistery and the choir and upper floor consists of music hall, classroom and community rooms.The project aims were to accommodate the religious rituals and liturgical events.

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Balbhavan at Hadapsar

The project is located in the suburbs of Pune, Hadapsar, the brief of the project was to design a Balbhavan for the Pune Municipal corporation along with a 4-d theatre. The aim for the design of the project was to create interactive and playful areas for the kids. The site was divided into smaller areas through different axises derived from aerial images making kids friendly scaled spaces. It has formed the connectivity throughout the site and creating spaces for various activities including play areas.The design ensures that there is a flow in the spaces. visual connectivity of various spaces and mostimportant creation of scale which secures psyche of kids.

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