O2 Life at Panhala

The O2 life homes is a settlement in a midst of nature spread in an area of 25 acres located 12 kms from the city prominently situated on a brow of hills in Panhala, Kolhapur. The ethos of O2 life homes is to create an environment that rejuvenates the inhabitants. The concept of ‘being one with nature’ is exploited here in various ways, to establish a metaphysical link between man and nature by creating undisturbed micro bio-sphere.The structure of buildings set the scale, form and rhythm of the architectural environment. Lightness of structure, transparency and layering are dominant design factors.

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Mount 3000 At Purandar

The villa designed with the concept of ‘dialogue between introvert and extrovert spaces.’ Exterior spaces relate directly to those of the interior’, the transition of built mass to open areas happens through semi open decks and courtyards, which is creating relation between nature and structure through interactive areas.Space planning follows the vastushastra principle.The hierarchy of spaces and use of the levels to create nature friendly lifestyle through green building principles, which is creating harmony between the social and private spaces within the structure. It also impacts less on the contours as minimum modification done to the hillock.

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Township at Hadapsar

The housing complex sits within the city limits of Pune in Hadapsar area with all facilities near-by. The major challenge of the project is to make an appropriate balance between cost and life style. The construction technology, materials used and utilization maximum permissible built up area will define the cost.

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Township at Khadakwasla

The residential project sits within the city limits of Pune in Khadakwasla. The plan is linear as is the plot with ten apartments a floor, which allows faces to be open to both sunlight and ventilation. The language of the project is minimalistic, as we wanted to create a space which expressed the openness of the planning highlighting the presence of hardly any passage area but adequate natural light and through ventilation. The inner areas of the passages and staircases are designed considering the interactive spaces.

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