Hotel Sai At Kolhapur

The hotel sits within the city limits of Kolhapur area with plot area of 2470 sqft which caters for 12 rooms. The hotel has pragmatic linear layout which caters all the functional aspects of the building.The ground floor comprises of the restaurant for the hotel, above floors comprises of rooms and banquet hall is designed on the last floor. The central service core separates the spatial arrangement. The façade treatment is also kept quite simple with minimal fenestration and fins.

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Amphibious Bus Station

The bus station hubsits on the prime location of Mumbai city near Girgaon Chaupati.; the bus station thus visibly manifests itself as a dynamic element in the traffic landscape. The entry points to the Bus Station have been consolidated, and the waiting area established to give spatial coherence to the building improving sense of orientation and flow. The ticket counter is designed on the walkway to the structure; spaces are organized in a linear fashion form a compact summary of the central bus station’s necessary functions. The roofscape of the new central bus station provides form, generating a new hub for modern mobility in a high-quality urban space.

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Food Court In Balewadi

The food court is nestled on the Balewadi D.P Road which contributes to the public spaces of the city. The project aimed to be attractive to people of all ages, to be inclusive, friendly and casual. The landscape design vision was forged on the principle of providing residents with the diverse and dynamic experience of modern urban living within a singular location, offering a food plaza to encourage social and community connectivity, as places to come together. The central spaces comprise of sculpture with solar panels to exhibit energy art.material palette.

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Bamboo Resort at Igatpuri

The resort is harmonious relationship of each block to the landscape which led to seamless transition between enclosed and open spaces. Our primary goal was to create each unit of same configurations that would emerge gentle from the landscape and orient themselves to the primary views. Each unit consists of studio apartment including bedroom on the attic. Decks are provided on both front and back side. The Mangalore tiled terracotta sloping roof forms are reinterpretations if the vernacular houses in the region.The tiles and slopes combat the monsoon rains and protect the house from overheating in the summer. The northern faces of the house are transparent and permeable: they open to the soft morning light.

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