Noble Hospital at Daund

The hospital sits within the city limits of Daund, is a highly complex regional hospital that is innovative in terms of its architectural design and advanced technology as well the healthcare services it provides. The existing site comprises of temple inside the plot which is kept intact. The general concept of the project seeks to organize areas and hospital flow according to function, prioritizing qualification and the humane factor of internal spaces. The project considers divisions and control of flow by planning separate areas and wide waiting rooms, considering the large number of people that go through the hospital every day. With this in mind, the hospital construction seeks intensive natural light optimization.

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Dispensary at Hadapsar

This dispensary, with its pragmatic layout, caters to the general functions of the space, while achieving an elegant finish. A simple segregation led to definite spatial form. On one side lies the staff workstations and medical facilities, while the other end is occupied by waiting area; ensuring daylight and views to every corner of the floor plate. We kept the interior bright and airy with plenty of natural light, the exterior colors were kept to a minimal palette. An architectural language of vertical fins is introduced to fa├žade of the building to reduce the direct heat and glare and which also acts as a screen to the services.

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